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The University of Southern California Postdoctoral Scholar Benefit Program


New Hires - Enrolling in the Plans

Enrolling in this benefit program is simple. Please click on the New Hire Enrollment Form Instructions which provides step-by-step instructions for each section of the form. Please print the instructions first to assist you in completing the Enrollment Form online. Certain areas of the form are required to be completed before you may click on the Submit and Create Printable Form button. These areas are marked with a .

Once the instructions are in hand, please click on New Hire Enrollment Form Login. Click on the First Time User link which will take you to the Create a Login Account page. Here you will provide the following information to create your account: First name, last name, your USC 10-digit University ID number, your date of birth and your unique password. Once you have provided this information, click Submit, and you will be taken to the Postdoc Dashboard.

If you are a returning user and wish to access your previously created enrollment form, you will provide your USC 10-digit University ID Number and your previously created personal password to be taken to the Postdoc Dashboard. On the Dashboard, you may select to view your current enrollment or make changes to your current enrollment.

This section of the web site contains links to the following information:

  1. 2015-2016 Monthly Rates and Contributions – This document provides you with the premiums charged by the insurance carrier for each line of coverage as well as the contributions made by both you and the university for your plan selections. There are no rate changes for the 2015-16 plan year.
  2. New Hire Enrollment Form Instructions - Please print this document to assist you in completing the New Hire Enrollment Form while online. The Enrollment Instructions provide detailed information regarding completion of each section of the form.
  3. New Hire Enrollment Form Login: This form must be completed in order for you to enroll in your selected plans. If you waive the medical and dental, you will still need to complete the form in order to provide your beneficiary information for the life insurance benefit. Certain areas of the form are required to be completed before you may hit the Submit and Create Printable Form button. These areas are marked with a .
  4. State of California Declaration of Domestic Partnership - You must submit this form at the time of enrollment into the plans if you enroll your eligible same-sex domestic partner in the benefit program. Please print the form, complete the required sections and signatures, have it notarized, then either scan and email the document to or FAX to the attention of Dane Pisano at 949-583-2929. A copy of your form will be kept here at Garnett-Powers & Associates, Inc. If you wish to enroll your opposite-sex domestic partner, you must meet the criteria listed on the Declaration of Domestic Partnership.
  5. Insurance Carrier Privacy Notices –Please note that all of the insurance carriers providing plans for the University of Southern California Benefit Program are concerned about the use of any private and privileged information. Please click on this link to access information pertaining to the Privacy Notices of Aetna, California Dental, Principal, EyeMed and Standard.
  6. COBRA Information - This document contains important information regarding the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) pertaining to your enrollment in the Postdoctoral Scholar Benefit Program. The General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights contains language that assumes you have already enrolled in the plan(s), and is included as a section of the enrollment form. You must click Yes on the Enrollment Form, agreeing that you have read and understand this document to allow you to submit and print your form. If you are enrolling an adult dependent, when you click Yes, you are confirming that this person has also read and understands the COBRA information included in this document. If you waive medical and dental coverage for yourself, and do not enroll in the voluntary vision, this document does not pertain to you.

Once you have completed and submitted your New Hire Enrollment Form, it will feed to our secure database and we will process your requested plan enrollment with the insurance carriers. You should receive your plan ID cards within 2 weeks of completing your enrollment form. We will send you an enrollment confirmation within one week of receiving your enrollment form, reviewing important information concerning your enrollment in the plans.

Your enrollment is automatic in the life and AD&D insurance and the long-term disability. Your enrollment in the short-term disability is dependent upon your postdoc classification. Please click on the USC-PBP home page for more information.

Waiving Your Medical Coverage

In order to waive (decline) coverage for any of the plans, simply check the appropriate boxes (including the reason) in Section 4 of the New Hire Enrollment Form. If you wish to waive coverage for medical insurance, we must receive your proof of comparable coverage at our office within your initial 31-day Period of Initial Eligibility. This period begins from your appointment start date that you provide in Section 1 of the Enrollment form. If we do not receive this proof of comparable coverage within that timeframe, you or your department may be charged for the appropriate premiums for the plans in which you will be automatically enrolled.

Enrolling Your Eligible Dependents

In order to enroll your eligible dependents (spouse, eligible domestic partner and/or children), simply check Add Eligible Family Member in Section 3, provide the effective date (this date must be the same as your appointment start date shown in Section 1 of the enrollment form unless you are adding your dependents due to a qualifying event). Next, check Enroll in Section 6 and provide the details of your family members, as well as click Yes under each line of coverage in which you are enrolling them.

Please note: If you do not enroll your eligible dependents within the 31-day Initial Period of Eligibility, your dependents will not be eligible for enrollment in these plans until the next open enrollment period for the following plan year. The exception to this rule would be a qualifying event (life event), such as loss of coverage, marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child or placement for adoption.

Postdocs Working/Traveling Outside of the United States

If you are a postdoc working outside of the United States and living abroad for an extended period of time, the medical, dental and vision plans associated with the USC Postdoctoral Scholar Benefit Program are not available for enrollment. You are eligible for the Life/AD&D insurance, Short-Term Disability (for job codes 098219 and 098203) and Long-Term Disability plans regardless of your ability to enroll in the medical, dental and/or vision plans due to being outside of the U.S. This enrollment is performed when you submit your electronic enrollment record through the Garnett-Powers & Associates website, and coverage is considered active as of your appointment date.

If you are currently enrolled in either the medical HMO or POS and you travel outside of the U.S., you are only covered for emergency services. This may require you paying for your services while away and then seeking reimbursement from the insurance carrier upon your return. Emergency services are defined as life-threatening circumstances where you feel you may die if you do not get immediate emergency medical attention.

For information on travel policies and policies that may cover you while living abroad, you may consult an insurance carrier directly, a travel insurance broker in your area, or the U.S. Department of State’s website at

Garnett-Powers & Associates, Inc. is pleased to offer a University of Southern California PBP Customer Service Representative, dedicated to this program. Please address benefit and enrollment questions to:

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We thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you and your family.

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